Сергій Іванович Гулий, генеральний директор Нутрімед

Sergiy Gulyi

Founder and Director General of the Company since 1998

Sergiy Gulyi started the business from scratch. Years of hard work made Nutrimed a leader of a highly competitive phytopharmaceutical market. Sergiy built a strong business team of professionals, who are obsessed with their work.


Міняйлюк Юрій Богданович, заступник генерального директора з розвитку бізнесу

Yurii Minyailyuk

Deputy Director General for business development

He joined the Nutrimed team in October 2016. Since then, Yurii Minyailyuk has implemented qualitative changes in the external service and marketing. He has years of experience in establishing and managing the international and national sales teams.


Шайда Віталій Леонідович, начальник відділу контрактного виробництва

Vitaliy Shaida

Contract Manufacturing Department Manager

He joined the company in February 2008. His many-years experience of working in the industry and supply domain enabled him to coordinate and plan successfully the work of the Material Supply Department as well as develop contract manufacturing.

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Гнатенко Андрій Михайлович, директор виробництва

Andriy Gnatenko

Director for Production

He has been working for the company since its foundation. He managed reconstruction, technical and technological infrastructure and commissioning of the Nutrimed production complex.


Воропай Ганна Григорівна

Ganna Voropai

Chief Technologist
Authorised Person for Quality

She started her career in the company as a chief technologist in 2007. Under her guidance the quality and occupational safety systems in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2007 have been implemented in the enterprise systems.


Ткаченко Тарас Ігорович, інженер з якості та безпеки

Taras Tkachenko

Quality and Safety Engineer

He joined the company in November 2011. Combining special education, scientific degree and practical experience, Taras Igorovych ensures proper quality and safety of the products.