Nutrimed production facilities are located in the picturesque nook of Cherkasy region and have a total area of about 3,000 sq. m. The facilities include the production clean rooms, and controlled spaces, raw materials and materials storage areas, finished product warehouse, administrative buildings, own boiler house and an artesian well.

A plenum and exhaust ventilation system made by Wolf Co. (Germany) keeps frequency of air exchange that meets C and D categories of clean rooms. The automated microclimate system of Galetti Co. (Italy) makes it possible to set up and control temperature and humidity within the pre-set range in the production and storage areas.

Pharmaceutical equipment delivered by the leading international manufacturers (in particular, by Pam Pac, India) meets the GMP requirements and provides for a full production cycle of ready products in hard gelatine capsules.

A team of highly qualified specialists possessing many years’ experience ensure continuous production process and thorough adherence to all regulatory requirements.

The main priority of our enterprise is to manufacture products that comply with the highest international quality standards.

Nutrimed was awarded with international quality management system certificates ISO 9001:2015 (UA 8O087.016-17-СУЯ) and food products safety management certificates ISO 22000:2008 / HACCP ( UA 8O087.009 -17-SUBHP).

Nutrimed production capacities have received Operational permit No. 20741/23/1 and were entered in the State Register of National Market Operators.