The major task of the immune system is to keep up our health by preventing diseases and infections. Scientists are accustomed to divide the immune system into 2 parts: adaptive (acquired) and innate.

1. The innate immune system is the first line of defence of a human body

  • Quickly detects, targets and annihilates infectious agents. It does not require any training in identification of the infective agent.
  • Presence of antigens activates the innate immune system. Antigens stimulate its cells and make them to migrate to the infected areas by blood vessels where they neutralize the agent by inhibition and destruction.
  • Has no long-time memory, therefore, new receptors are being created to adapt the immune response
  • The innate immune system has cells represented by macrophages, neutrophils, NK0cells (natural killers) dendrite cells, basophiles and eosinophiles.

2. The adaptive (acquired) immune system. It is slower and may not instantly respond to infections. It necessitates some time for adapting (learning) to detect the infectious agents.

  • After the adaptive immune system first meets an infectious agent, it memorizes how the agent “looks like”
  • When (if) the same agent tries to infect the organism again, the response of the system is fast, precise and effective.
  • The main types of the adaptive immune system cells are: T-cells and B-cells.

Recently numerous scientific proofs appear that natural components, including β-glucans that make a part of IMMUNSIL® та IMMUNSIL® D3, facilitate protection of people against pathogens by modulating inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-virus activity of neutrophils and macrophages. (

IMMUNSIL® та IMMUNSIL® D3 were developed based on the latest research data and scientific achievements in the field of integrative medicine. ( ,

Complex usage of IMMUNSIL® and IMMUNSIL® D3 makes it possible to strengthen the immune system to the maximum prior to the seasonal peaks of virus respiratory infections

IMMUNSIL® – is a modern natural immunostimulant based on β- glucan, Echinacea extract and elder-berry, which is aimed at fast adaptation of the immune system to seasonal respiratory diseases.


– Activates the chains of the acquired and innate immunity
– Stimulates non-specific immune response
– Precludes infection of the upper respiratory tract and reduces their heavy symptoms
– Inhibits development of viruses and bacteria in the organism

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IMMUNSIL® D3 is an innovative immune modulator of diversified effect wherein for the first time β-glucan, vitamin D3 and zinc have been joined together to ensure long-time protection of the immune system without its excessive stimulation during unfavourable circumstances and for compensation of shortage of D3 vitamin and zinc.


– Activates the chains of the acquired and innate immunity
– Increases the number and activity of neutrophils, macrophages and NK-cells
– Supports the immune function without excessive stimulation of the immune system
– Is a source of vitamin D3 and zinc

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