Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life, when the reproductive and menstrual functions gradually decline. The time of its onset can vary widely case by case, with the average age being after 45 years. The hormonal rearrangement during this period is associated with the reduced estrogen levels, increased central production of gonadotropins and has a direct effect on a woman’s well-being, bringing a lot of “surprises” presenting as various symptoms of the menopause:

  • hot flushes
  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness
  • mood swings, impaired psycho-emotional state, insomnia
  • cardiovascular disorders, osteoporosis that are associated with the estrogen deficiency

This is why a unique non-hormonal natural complex MENOMEDIN® has been developed for women in the menopause. It contains the standardized extracts of red clover – 150 mg, sage – 100 mg, St. John’s wort – 60 mg, female ginseng – 45 mg, cimicifuga – 25 mg. Due to its active ingredients, MENOMEDIN® has an estrogen-like action, binds to estrogen receptors, reduces the central production of gonadotropic hormones, normalizes the activity of the hypothalamus, has an effect on the GABA receptors, which helps reduce hot flushes and night sweats, relieve anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, depression, prevent bone loss and the development of cardiovascular disorders.

MENOMEDIN® is a non-hormonal natural complex intended to relieve the symptoms of the menopause

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Меномедин первая помощь при менопаузе
  • every 3rd woman after the age of 25-30 is diagnosed with mastopathy

  • almost every 5th woman after the age of 45 suffers from uterine fibroids

  • endometriosis is diagnosed in 15% of women

All these diseases are considered to be hormone-dependent proliferative processes and not uncommonly lead to malignant tumors. As reported by the WHO, breast cancer ranks as the first cancer among in women, and cervical cancer is the second one.

INDOMIROL® contains: indole-3-carbinol-150 mg, diindolylmethane-50 mg and resveratrol-25 mg.

INDOMIROL® is a balanced natural non-hormonal complex for hormone-dependent conditions in women.

Due to a combination of its components INDOMIROL®:

  • has potent anti-estrogenic properties
  • is able to normalize the metabolism of estrogens
  • has an anti-proliferative effect
  • demonstrates a high safety profile
ИНДОМИРОЛ® – сбалансированный натуральный негормональный комплекс при гормонозависимых состояниях у женщин

INDOMIROL® is a balanced complex of natural phytoestrogens and antioxidants

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