We are paying great attention to the confidential (personal) information related to all, without any exceptions, persons who visited the NUTRIMED website, as well as those, who use the services provided by the website; in this connection, we aspire to protect confidentiality of the personal data thereby creating and ensuring maximum comfortable conditions for use of the website services by each User.

  1. Confidentiality of the User’s information means confidentiality of all information, which website nutrimed.ua can receive from the User while he/she stays on the website and which, in principle, can be correlated with this particular User. This Regulation of Information Confidentiality extends also to the partner websites of the www.nutrimed.ua
  2. The website nutrimed.ua obtains personal information, when a User registers on the site and creates a query, when the User uses certain information services or products of the website www.nutrimed.ua, as well as he/she uses the services of our partners.
  3. Website nutrimed.ua automatically gets and saves in the server logs the technical information received from the User browser: IP address, cookie and address of the requested page.
  4. All information obtained from the User is used by the website nutrimed.ua to make the site services maximum comfortable and useful for the User.
  5. Website nutrimed.ua does not sell and disclose the personal information about the User.
  6. Website nutrimed.ua can save cookies on the User’s computer.
  7. Website nutrimed.ua can amend the Regulation of Information Confidentiality. In case of any essential amendments, the website сайт nutrimed.ua undertakes to inform all registered Users about them.

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