International scientific-practical conference «Hormone Harmony is the Basis of Women’s Health» took place in Kiev on February 9-10.

These two days were rich in medical and scientific information. Reports were made by the conference research supervisor, professor Tatiana Tatarchuk (Ukraine), professor of of reproductive endocrinology Christine Derzko (Canada) as well as by a number of other prominent professionals.

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Information stands of Nutrimed attracted a lot of conference participants and visitors. The excellent quality of Nutrimed’s phytopharmaceutical products was confirmed by a lot of specialists in gynecology. There were also a number of professionals who learned our products for the first time.

In her report, professor Tatiana Tatarchuk highlighted the efficacy of natural preparation Glucemdin® in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Professor Tatarchuk also informed about her positive opinion on Glucemdin® administration based on her practical experience as practiced gynaecologist.

The conference «Hormone Harmony is the Basis of Women’s Health» had an unforgettable impression on both the visitors of the conference and its participants.

Nutrimed will continue to keep abreast of all important events in gynaecology.