Our company offers a range of high-quality products to meet current market demands and covers: coping with stress, men’s health, anti – aging, metabolic disorders, supporting the immune system.

Most Nutrimed preparations are produced from plant extracts that are imported directly from leading European suppliers. However, we also produce some extracts independently using our own patented technology (for example, chicory extract for the anti-diabetic preparation INULIN-NUTRIMED®).

A prominent place in the company’s products portfolio is held by the phyto-complex ANTISTRESS®, produced since 1999, which has been the leading product in its class during recent years.

In 2007 a large-scale modernisation of our manufacturing complex was completed. The restructure over the last three years aimed to bring production standards in line with the international requirements of ISO /HACCP/ GMP. The use of modern pharmaceutical equipment and strict control of technological parameters at all stages of production make it possible to manufacture products which meet international standards.

All phyto-products produced by our company have been clinically approved by leading medical centres in the Ukraine and got full marks from both experts and numerous consumers. Results of the studies have been presented at various leading seminars and congresses, as well as regularly published in specialised journals.

Nutrimed phyto-complexes are sold not only through the pharmacy network in the Ukraine, but are also exported to the CIS and EU countries.

Publications in the business and specialized press about Nutrimed products