Triple liver protection

1 red capsule contains the following active ingredient:

  • Ademethionine – 400 mg

1 white capsule contains the following active ingredients:

  • L- glutathione reduced – 250 mg
  • N-acetylcysteine – 250 mg

Pack size:

  • 60 capsules



  • Helps restore liver cells
  • Restores ademethionine and glutathione level in the liver cells
  • Has a potent detoxifying and antioxidant effect
  • Helps reduce fatty infiltration of the liver
  • Facilitates the elimination of toxic bile acids
  • Gets the liver function tests down

Recommendations for use:

Liver damage caused by

  • toxic effects induced by alcohol, medicines, and other harmful substances
  • non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • viral hepatitis
  • hepatosis, steatosis, cirrhosis
  • hepatic encephalopathy

LIVODINOL® is a novel powerful combination of amino acid derivatives for maximal liver protection and recovery

LIVODINOL® has a unique composition with the optimal dosage of its components for maximal liver protection.

Triple liver protection:

  • Ademethionine is a manager of the main metabolic pathways in the liver
  • L-glutathione is the main antioxidant and detoxifier
  • N-acetylcysteine is a donor of cysteine and a precursor of glutathione

LIVODINOL® is recommended as an additional source of amino acid derivatives to normalize the hepatobiliary system functioning in hepatic impairment of various origins, to alleviate the toxic effects induced by antibacterials and chemotherapeutic agents, alcohol, and other toxic substances.

LIVODINOL® helps improve metabolic processes and protein synthesis for restoring liver cells, decreases fatty infiltration of the liver.

LIVODINOL® due to its overt detoxifying and antioxidant properties, protects against the toxic effects of exogenous factors and helps slow down age-related changes in the body.

LIVODINOL® has a potent detoxifying effect due to combining oral glutathione and ingredients that facilitate the synthesis of endogenous glutathione