As the medical community displays an ever increasing interest in the use of dietary supplements in various branches of medicine, on 12-13 December 2019 a Research-to-Practice Conference “Application of Dietary Supplements”. When? Whom? To What Purpose?” was held by the Association of Dietarians of Ukraine.

It was for the first time that such event was organized in Ukraine. The goal was to stress importance of the use of dietary supplements in the treatment practice and accentuate and substantiate the effectiveness and safety of this pharmaceutical market segment on the basis of the evidence-based medicine.

Mr. Sergiy Ivanovych Gulyi, Director General of Nutrimed Pharmaceutical Company addressed the plenary session with his presentation “Phytonutriceutics – a road from the idea to production and promotion on the market: own experience in developing phyto complexes”. Sergiy told about all stages of the creation and development of Nutrimed products taking the phyto therapeutic complex Resverasin as an example. He also emphasized significance of a high-tech certified production in a successful creation of the phyto therapeutic products for improvement and protection of a healthy nation.

The presentation raised a huge scope of controversial issues that have been discussed in the conference hall and on the sidelines.