NUTRIMED Company cares about its consumers and is aware of its responsibility for efficiency and safety of healthcare products, which the company presents on the market of Ukraine.

NUTRIMED Company cares about its consumers and considers that its main goals are to steadily raise the satisfaction level of the consumers, guarantee accessibility and safety of our products, improve the management system and be environmentally friendly.

Currently a special attention is paid to the following indicators:

  1. Production control for compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2005 Quality management systems
  2. Flexibility of the enterprise, prompt consideration of the individual requirements of the consumers
  3. Timely response to comments and wishes of the consumers
  4. Exact fulfilment of the requirements of regulatory and legal enactments concerning quality control of the products made by NUTRIMED

These indicators are achieved due to:

  1. Maximum use of the experienced staff potential and permanent advanced training
  2. Potential and leadership of the enterprise management
  3. Conscious approach of the entire team of the company to the quality system management
  4. Monitoring the adherence to all requirements that are necessary for maintaining high quality of the production processes
  5. Availability of permanent partners in the sphere of supply and sales, and cooperation with them
  6. Use of high-quality raw materials required for producing quality products
  7. High performance and flexible organization of interaction with consumers and satisfaction of their needs
  8. High performance and advanced strategic planning system in the enterprise for the current period taking into account the interests and needs of consumers
  9. Study of the advanced experience and comparison with the best enterprises that produce dietetic supplements
  10. Implementation of the elements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) at the enterprise
  11. Implementation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) at the enterprise

We guarantee our consumers

  • Exact adherence to the requirements concerning accessibility and quality of our products
  • Extension of the issued product range in accordance with the needs of the consumers
  • Information of our consumers about extension of our possibilities for satisfying your needs